Basic Inspection & Adjustment                                    $45

-Derailleurs checked & adjusted

-Brakes inspected & adjusted

-Bolt check

-Chain lubed

-Tire pressure checked and adjusted

-Wipe down

Tune-Up                                                                           $79

-Derailleurs checked & adjusted

-Brakes checked & adjusted

-Bolt check

-Tire pressure set

-On bike wheel true

-Drive-train hand clean and lube (chain, cassette, chainrings)

-All bearing points checked and adjusted (hubs, bottom bracket, headset)

-Bike clean

-No extra labour for BASIC service parts replacement (brake pads, cables, etc)

Flat-fix labour                                                                   $10

Air-&-oil                                                                             Free

Our Harbour Rd. service cemter is built around getting you back on the road as quick as possible. the convienent location will do our best to give you on the spot fixes for all minor repairs.



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