With some of the most experienced mechanics in Victoria, our full-service repair shop can accommodate any make or model of bicycle.  From flat repairs, to full overhauls, fork & shock rebuilds to wheel builds.  We’ve got you covered no mater what your need.

Drop-ins are welcome, but we strongly encourage you to make an appointment so you’ll only be without your bike for one day.  Appointments can be made by phone, or send our service team an e-mail;



Tune-Up                                                                           $79


-Derailleurs checked & adjusted

-Brakes checked & adjusted

-Bolt check

-Tire pressure set

-On bike wheel true

-Drive-train hand clean and lube (chain, cassette, chainrings)

-All bearing points checked and adjusted (hubs, bottom bracket, headset)

-Bike clean

-No extra labour for BASIC service parts replacement (brake pads, cables, etc)

Tune-Up-Plus                                                                  $109

-Derailleurs checked & adjusted

-Brakes checked & adjusted

-Bolt check

-Tire pressure set

-Wheels trued in truing stand

-Drivetrain & derailleurs bathed and lubed

-All bearing points checked & adjusted (hubs, bottom bracket, headset)

-Complete bike cleaned

-No extra labour for ALL service parts replaced (brake pads, cables, chain, cassette, etc)


Full Suspension Mountain Bike Overhaul                                                                       starting at $200

-Everything included in ‘tune up plus’

-Bike stripped to bare frame and inspected

-All bearings replaced / refurbished


All prices quoted above are for labour only.

*The above packages cover most road, commuter and hardtail mountain bikes.  Some full-suspension, time-trial or specialty bikes (recumbant, tandem, etc) may require additional labour.