Ride #5 –Hurricane Ridge


Sunday July 1st 5:30AM (Yes 5:30 in the morning)


Departure Location:

Black Ball Ferry – AKA “The Coho” 430 Bellville St – Near the Parliament Building



Approx 65km – 30km up and 30km down



Approx 1600M (lots)


Difficulty Level:

7/10 (Really long climb, although it never gets too steep)



This ride has been happening on Canada Day for many years and usually attracts approximately 100 riders from Victoria. It’s really easy to find your way, just follow someone else!

Meet at the Black Ball Ferry at 5:30am for the 6:10 Departure. The ride ferry will bring us to the quaint town of Port Angeles and we should be on the road by about 8:00. We ride through Port Angeles and quickly begin our ascent of Hurricane Ridge.

There is a toll booth to get into the Park and you need to bring $15 USD CASH to get through. After the Ranger station the climb really starts. Most riders wait for everyone to get through the lineup at the ranger station and then everyone sets off. There is usually a group that “races” up the hill, but we are all there for a PR. Anything under an hour from the Range station is considered a fast attempt. Most riders will be about 1:15-1:30. Once at the top, rejoice and take in the amazing views. Grab a few pictures, put on a jacket and head back down the hill. The downhill is really fun, but can get very cold if the weather isn’t great. The aim is to be on the 12:45 return boat back to Victoria. There’s usually time for some lunch in one of the many great food stops in Port Angeles.






Road bikes –as light as you can make it!



No support vehicles will be with us. There are lots of great stops for lunch in Port Angeles. Expect to get off the ferry and start riding straight up the hill and take your time after the ride while waiting for the return ferry in PA.

Bring warm clothes for the downhill, at least a vest and arm warmers. There have been many years where riders have to stop on the way down because it’s so cold.

Blinking lights are a very good idea as there is a dark tunnel on the way up and down and cars will not be able to see you without them.


$15 Cash for the ranger station

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